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The International Child Protection Day in the Centre “Our Kids”

Traditionally, the first day of the summer is celebrated in the world as the Children Protection Day!

Today, our creative team – vocal and choral studio as well as drum instruments ensemble – prepared for this occasion a whole concert and entertained us with their melodic voices and passionate drum rhythms! Also, in order to congratulate the kids, we were visited by the Head of District Administration Petro Onofriychuk, his Deputy Head Alla Zahorodnya, and Head of the Dnipro district services for children Oleksiy Polishuk.

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Also, on the 3rd of June, in continuation of the celebration of the International Child Protection Day we were visited by guests from the Ministry of Social Politics: Head of the department for mediation Anna Miroshnichenko, head of communications with the public and media Konstantyn Kovalenko, also as Acting Chairman of the State Employment Service (Central Office) Sergiy Kravchenko, director of the Kyiv regional employment center Denys Darmostuk, head of the advertising company “Textile-Contact” Daria Lisitsina, head of the Dnipro RGA SSD Oleksiy Polishuk

The kids were glad to show their talents one more time: the vocal and choral ensemble “Our kids” sang some songs, and the drum instruments group played some fiery beats.

Photos 10

In celebration of the International Child Protection Day a lot of interesting events are held, but we still have to do everything possible in order to ensure safety and support for our children every day, and make every day a celebration! Because children will always be our future and our hope.