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  1. New kid at our Centre!

    Sophia, 9 years old is a good, active and cheerful girl. Despite her age, she is very independent and responsible. Sophia became the member of one of the families of the centre. She quickly became friends with other children and started going to school. The girl is fond of singing and dancing. She constantly wants to learn something new and interesting.

    13/09/2017 More info

  2. The first day of school !

    The first day of school has come! Traditionally, September 1st is the first day of school in Ukraine. This holiday is always very exciting and touching for teachers, parents and, of course, for the students. Our Alisa is going to the first grade this year so for her it was a very special day! After all, it is a new page in her life, where everything is happening for the first time: the first bell, the first teacher, and the first lesson. New friends, interesting subjects, heavy textbooks and games are waiting for Alisa. We wish our girl good luck and good grades!

    01/09/2017 More info

  3. Our kids came back from the summer!

    Summer 2017 turned out to be very eventful for our children. They had an opportunity to rest, refresh and energize in the children's sanatorium "Zatoka" which is located in Odessa region and in the children's camp "Youth" in Chernivtsi region. During the summer holidays, the children experienced positive emotions from interesting and exciting events, made incredible discoveries, found new friends, participated in many competitions and games, revealed their creative talents. In addition to a good time, children had the opportunity to improve their health while following a healthy and varied diet. We would like to express our special gratitude to the Youth and Sports of Kyiv City State Administration, which provided tours for the rehabilitation of our children in the youth camp "Yunost".

    30/08/2017 More info

  4. Saying good-bye to our volunteers!

    The time has come to say goodbye to our volunteers from Germany Aljoscha and Charlotte. The whole past year they were working with the children to make their leisure time more interesting and productive. Charlotte and Aljoscha taught our kids English, drawing and dancing. They offered classes of Zumba, ballet, and hip-hop. The children really enjoyed spending time with them. We are grateful to Aljoscha and Charlotte for their work and help!

    27/08/2017 More info

  5. New Kids

    Our Centre is expanding again! This time two new children came to our centre: Anastasia, 4 years old and Roman, 16 years old. Anastasia is a charming girl. She is shy and calm. She likes to draw, watch cartoons, play educational games, and take pictures. Nastya dreams of being a model in the future. Roman is a goal-oriented and confident grown-up young man. He is trying to spend as much time as possible on studying since his goal is to go to college after high school. He is not yet sure about his profession, though. He loves animals and long walks. He is very sportive and outgoing, therefore, has many friends.

    17/08/2017 More info

  6. His Excellency the German Ambassador to Ukraine Dr. Ernst Reichel visited the Centre "Our Kids"

    On Saturday, June 19th, His Excellency the German Ambassador to Ukraine Dr. Ernst Reichel visited the Centre "Our Kids." Dr. Ernst Reichel talked to the children and visited one family of the Centre. His Excellency took a walk around the Centre and its garden and was impressed by the hospitability of the Centre.

    18/06/2017 More info