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  1. Eco training at the Center

    Today there was a special training at our Center.

    08/06/2018 More info

  2. Children's Day in Ukraine

    Children's Day in Ukraine is celebrated on June 1st. Today in our Center there was a celebration the whole day. In the morning, during the official part, the choir of the Center sang 5 songs to us (the videos can be watched on our Facebook page here) and in the afternoon the educators prepared several workshops for the kids outside. The whole day there were games and contest games for the kids and by the kids, It was a great day! Congratulations to all the kids!

    01/06/2018 More info

  3. Vyshyvanka Day

    Today Ukraine celebrates the Vyshyvanka Day - the day of Ukrainian national clothes. It is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of May. Our kids were invited to the celebration in the city center.

    17/05/2018 More info

  4. WOW Kids Forum

    On April 29, the children from our Center visited third WOW Kids Forum. The topic of the forum was “You are the leader of your life: leadership and self-expression.” The main idea of the forum was to help kids understand their purpose in life and to help them make their first steps to become successful in pursuing it. The participants had a chance to listen to interesting speakers and to learn how to become succesful, what the future professions are and how to awaken the genius inside.

    29/04/2018 More info

  5. First place!

    On March 31, the Kyiv City Council hosted the 7th International Festival of Children's Creativity “Zirkafest. My Ukraine.” The “Our Kids” Choir took the first place with their song “We Need a Peaceful Sky.” Congratulations to our winners! You can watch the video of their performance on our facebook page.

    02/04/2018 More info

  6. Seminar at the Center

    On March 23, the Competence Center for Trauma Pedagogy held a seminar "What are foster children afraid of?" in our Center. Social educators, psychologists and social workers came to learn about factors contributing to the emergence of children's fears and ways to overcome them. The listeners learned how to work with children in order to identify the causes of their fears.

    26/03/2018 More info