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  1. Ballet classes at "Our Kids"

    One of our volunteers Charlotte Rufflett gives ballet lessons once or twice a week to our kids. Not everyone attends classes on a regular basis due to their busy schedules but now it is summer, so Charlotte has many visitors! Charlotte says that she definitely sees the progress and wishes that girls (and occasionally boys) would continue their ballet experience.

    10/06/2017 More info


    On June 3, 2017, the children of "Our Kids" Vocal and Choral group had a chance to perform at the Charity Festival "From Heart to Heart" with support of NGO Integrum. Our kids received wonderful gifts and diplomas for their performance. We are sincerely grateful to the NGO Integrum for the invitation. We look forward to meeting with them again!

    03/06/2017 More info

  3. International Children's Day

    Today is the International Children's Day. Alla Zagorodnaya, the Deputy Head of the Dnipro district in Kyiv and Oleksiy Polishchuk, the head of the Dnipro district police service visited our Center. They congratulated our children and wished them all the best. Our vocal-choral studio sang various songs to the guests. And the hip-hop ensemble demonstrated its dance achievements. Happy holidays!

    01/06/2017 More info

  4. Rusanovka Fest

    Our children's choir took part in the festival "Rusanovka Fest." For their talents, they were awarded with a merit certificate.

    27/05/2017 More info

  5. End of a school year

    Today all students celebrate the final day of a school year. Just look how happy they are! We wish our kids nice summer holidays!

    26/05/2017 More info

  6. Awards from the Court

    Our kids have become the winners of the picture contest which was devoted to the topic of "children rights". All participants of the contest were invited to the Dniprovsky District Court. There the judges told them basics about the Convention on the Rights of the Child and about the juvenile justice. The kids had an opportunity to see the courtroom and to talk to the judges. It was extremely interesting!

    25/05/2017 More info