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  1. Visit to the German Embassy in Kyiv

    In the beginning of the month, our kids were invited to the Embassy of Germany. They received New Year's presents and had a chance to talk to Mr Wolfgang Bindseil, Counsellor and Permanent Deputy Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine.

    10/01/2018 More info

  2. The "Our Kids" Center wishes you a wonderful New Year!

    The "Our Kids" Center wishes you a wonderful New Year!

    29/12/2017 More info

  3. St. Nicolas Day at the Center

    St. Nicholas Day is a very special holiday for Ukrainian children and adults. In Ukraine, it is celebrated on December 19. That is why this Tuesday we had a special concert where the kids sang Christmas carols, performed several dances and even juggled (they learnt it from our volunteer from Germany Aljoscha.) In the end of the evening St. Nicholas himself stopped by, wished the kids a wonderful New Year and gave them sweet presents.

    19/12/2017 More info

  4. Getting ready for the holiday season

    A week before the St. Nicolas Day, our kids decorated the Christmas tree in the main hall of our center. The next day it finally snowed in Kyiv and it became a real fairy tale. Now you can feel the Christmas spirit at the Center!

    15/12/2017 More info

  5. New kids

    This October we welcomed five kids from the ATO area. They are all siblings. Due to the military activities in the East of Ukraine, they lost their house. Instead of staying at the orphanage in Mariupol, they came to our Center and we are very happy to have them!

    16/10/2017 More info

  6. Trying kayaking

    When the weather was still nice and sunny, our children went kayaking. It was the first time ever they went to the Dnipro river and had this amazing experience. At first, they did some exercises on the beach and learnt how to paddle. After they pulled their boats and started their journey along the river. By the end of the day, al the kids were completely wet but so mirthful and happy!

    18/09/2017 More info