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Family Day celebration

Kindness and love are two main things that should be bestowed to our children. Because children are our hope and our future. In order to make this hope come true, we, the adults, are to remember about our responsibility to take care of every child. Especially when it comes to the children deprived of parental care. Therefore, guests came to make our children happy on that day. “VYKRUTASY” entertainment team, dealing with the arrangement of children’s parties, helped us to make a pleasant and unexpected surprise for our children. Having heard about our event, Mrs, Ukraine 2018, Mrs. Planet 2018, the Head of the “Nation’s Clever Future” NGO, the initiator of the “Common Future through Common Books” campaign, Anna Horban, showed her good will by joining our event, greeting our children and bringing them gifts – interesting and informative books about historical sites and monuments of Ukraine. Besides, masters of desserts cooked sweets for the holiday feast and brought them to the children. During the evening, the children’s amazement turned into joy, then into admiration and then into delight, as it is so nice that unexpected surprises happen and holidays come all of a sudden when no one even expects it…

We thank sincerely everybody whose assistance has enabled us to arrange such a joyful holiday for our children.