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The IT Camp, which is hosted by “Our Kids” Center in cooperation with GOFRIENDS nonprofit organization for two years in succession now, started working on July 27, 2019. The IT Camp is the combination of education and recreation.

The computer and web programming training program for children and adolescents was structured in such way that it demonstrated possibility to create the IT future, gain the skills of modern IT profession for independent and successful living. During two weeks, the children had an opportunity not only to get to know real success stories from the former alumni of orphanages and foster homes, but also to practice English, create presentations, develop website designs individually and in teams, be engaged in programming. Children’s joy and pride knew no bounds when, by showing their imagination, creativity, and individuality, they not only derived pleasure from it but also… received money reward, presenting their developments. Time and again we have received evidence that every child is a gifted person and is able to achieve success if there are people nearby who believe in him, provide support and assistance to him.